Here at Porth Community School Homework and Independent learning is an important element to our Learning and Teaching strategy. Research has shown that it is particularly useful to consolidate material learnt in class or to prepare for assessments and external exams.

We place great value on purposeful homework and we advise parents to encourage and support their children to develop good homework routines.

We want to support all of our pupils to be the best they can be.

All tasks will be meaningful and set at an appropriate level for your child. They will relate closely to the current lesson content your child is studying and require them to practise skills  or recall specific subject knowledge.

Y Goedwig 

Pupils will receive a homework schedule from their classroom teacher, this will include reading and spelling, project work and tasks for individual subjects such as mathematics.


Homework frequency and content varies by subject and by Year group. The whole school schedule is published at the beginning of each term. Tasks are then set by classroom teachers on Google classroom and also issued as hard copies.

Homework club runs every Wednesday in the Library where resources are available to support homework tasks.