We are fully committed to the safeguarding, pastoral care and wellbeing of all of our pupils.  The Director of Wellbeing and Inclusion has responsibility for safeguarding and wellbeing of pupils. All pupils have an allocated tutor who they see daily.  There is also a Wellbeing Manager allocated to each of Y Goedwig, Middle School and Upper School. Their role is specifically to support the wellbeing of the pupils and to work closely with their families.

The school has a moral responsibility to care for and protect all of its pupils. Where we have concerns we will discuss these where possible with parents/carers and with Social Services if necessary.

School Security

Every effort is made to ensure the Health and Safety of all pupils and staff at the school. The school’s Health and Safety Officer monitors safety and security issues and regularly reports to the Governors.  All visitors without exception are asked to report to reception who will then deal with their requests. The premises are monitored throughout the day with teaching staff also supervising the premises at both break and lunch times. No pupil is allowed off the site at either break or lunchtime. The site also has a CCTV system, is fully fenced and traffic on the site is speed limited.