More Able and Talented Pupils

Within our school population we have able and talented learners who are practical, creative, artistic and academic.  We are committed to making sure that we suitably challenge these pupils at all times. We provide for these learners in lessons by giving them opportunities to extend their learning and skills through open ended, investigative activities. Opportunities are also provided for enrichment activities.

Pupils with Disabilities

The school is aware of and takes account of the need to provide equal opportunities for the pupils in its care. The school makes every effort to include pupils with disabilities and engages the help of Local Authority Support Services to ensure access is provided.

Additional Learning Needs Information

2. A4 CYP Parent Info ALN Apppeals_CY-GB

3. A4 CYP Information poster_CY-GB

4. A4 CYP Information poster SENTW_CY-GB

A4 CYP Information poster SENTW

A4 CYP Information poster

A4 CYP Parent Info ALN Apppeals

ALN Cluster Signposting Booklet for Families

More Information for parents can be found Here