Please see below Porth Community Schools Home/School Agreement which outlines what is expected of Parents, The School and Pupils.


I/we will:

  • Make sure that my child achieves at least 96% attendance, is on time, in uniform and equipped to learn;
  • Contact the school immediately if my child is absent;
  • Support the school in setting the highest possible standards for my child;
  • Support my child to aspire to achieve the best they can;
  • Take an active and supportive interest in my child’s learning by encouraging completion of homework;
  • Raise any concerns that I have with the school;
  • Attend meetings to discuss my child’s progress or other wellbeing concerns;
  • Support the school’s policy for good behaviour, to help my child to achieve maturity, self-discipline and self-control;
  • Encourage the positive use of leisure time to help my child’s development in and out of school.


We will:

  • Welcome you into the day to day life of the school;
  • Challenge your child to aspire to achieve their best and become a confident life-long learner;
  • Provide a stimulating creative curriculum which is inspirational, relevant and enjoyable;
  • Provide a nurturing and inclusive environment;
  • Provide a language-rich environment to support your child’s learning;
  • Care for your child’s safety and happiness;
  • Promote respect for all members of our community;
  • Support your child to become a responsible member of the community, taking care of their surroundings and others around them;
  • Set targets for your child’s progress, inform you of their progress and involve you regularly at all times;
  • Contact you if there are concerns regarding welfare, attendance, punctuality, uniform or behaviour and that we will celebrate with you and the wider community individual and collective successes;
  • Keep you well informed about school activities through regular letters, emails and newsletters.


I will be READY to learn by:

  • Arriving at school regularly, on time, in my uniform, with the correct equipment;
  • Coming to school with a positive attitude towards learning;
  • Aspiring to achieve the best I possibly can.


I will be RESPECTFUL by:

  • Considering the feelings and property of other people both in school and in the wider community;
  • Caring for the grounds, buildings, furniture and equipment provided by the school.



  • For my own learning by taking the opportunities that the school has to offer to prepare myself for a fulfilling life as a valued member of society;
  • For keeping to the school rules;
  • For completing homework on time;
  • By being a positive role model in our community and a good friend;
  • By asking for help from adults in school if I feel unsafe, unhappy or I am underachieving.