Our pupils wear school uniform because:

  • We believe that wearing a uniform protects pupils from discrimination in terms of the pressures of wearing fashion clothing
  • We believe that dressing smartly is preparing pupils for a business-like attitude to work
  • The uniform allows our pupils to be readily identifiable in public places.

We expect pupils to wear the correct uniform while travelling to and from school.

The school uniform is simple and practical and we rely on parent/carers support to ensure their children wear it correctly and to be neat and tidy at all times.



We would strongly advise pupils to wear coats that are clearly visible to traffic to protect them on their journey to and from school.  Many coats now have reflective strips sewn into them.  The following coats are NOT allowed: coats/jackets with lettering, logos or motifs;  or made of materials such as leather or faux leather, denim, corduroy or fur (real or artificial) etc.  Hooded tops, jumpers, cardigans, and track suits tops etc. cannot be worn as a top coat.

Scarves, Hats and Gloves

They must be plain black, grey or navy with no motifs.


Plain black sensible school footwear – Low heeled or flat. (No boots, sandals, high heels, trainers, sporting or casual styles, platform soles or canvas shoes, of any kind).

Black leather, plain converse shoes may be worn on the condition that there is no white or other colours or markings on them.


No extreme styles or colours.  Hair accessories for tying hair back should be simple and in burgundy, grey, black, or gold (yellow).


The only jewellery allowed is a watch and a single pair of small plain stud earrings in the lower lobe of the ear. All other nose, face, body or multiple ear piercings must be removed for Health and Safety reasons.

Make up

Make up and long/false or varnished nails are not acceptable.


No badges or motifs are permitted on any item of clothing except the school badge and those connected with school activities unless approved by the school i.e. sports colours.

Please visit the links below for more in-dept details about our school uniform reqiurement.


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