Centre-Assessment Approach for Qualifications in 2021

In November 2020, the Education Minister announced that there would be no summer examination series for pupils taking GCSEs in 2021. In January 2021, it was confirmed that these qualifications would be awarded using Centre Determined Grades.

Please find attached some important information around how this will work.




Information can also be found on the school YouTube channel.

Qualifications Wales – Applications for our NEW Learner Advisory Group are now open.

Want to volunteer as part of a feedback group for Qualifications Wales?

We’re setting up a new Learner Advisory Group so we can understand the views of learners. The group will consist of 10-14 learners, who will take part for two years. We’ll be recruiting from different education settings and from across Wales.

We want to make sure we give learners the information they need about qualifications. We’re looking for a range of skills from members, but will want to see evidence of good communication skills, examples of team work and initiative, as well as an awareness of the importance of qualifications in helping learners progress.

Applications are open to learners between 14 and 21 years old until 7 March 2021.

Information about the Learner Advisory Group and how to apply is on our website.

Kind regards
Qualifications Wales Communications and Engagement Team

Children’s mental health week

Depression, anxiety and mental health | NSPCC

If your child is anxious or worried about coronavirus (COVID-19), there are things you can do to help. And if they’re struggling with their mental health, we have advice to help you support them and keep them safe.


Please click on the attached link for details.


Please find below some other useful resources around mental health.





Dydd Miswig Cymru (Welsh Language Music Day) is on the 8th of February.

As part of your Welsh lessons, you have been asked to listen to the 4 Welsh songs and provide feedback about them in Welsh.

If you want to listen to more Welsh music, look up ‘Dydd Miwsig Cymru’ on Spotify or YouTube.

Mwynhewch gwrando ar gerddoriaeth Cymraeg!



Piota App alerts

We have been made aware that some parents are not receiving all alerts, when a message is uploaded on the Piota app. As such we have asked Piota to run a check on the system and we have been advised that all is working as it should. However, if you are still encountering problems, the advice from Piota is as follows;

Open the app and select the three lines in the top left corner, then swipe the school name left to remove it. Reselect Porth Community School again, then go into settings, notifications and make sure you have selected urgent as well as any other schools/years applicable to your child/ren. This should resolve any issues.